Jomtien Murder of Two Russians

Early Saturday morning a security guard along Jomtien Beach in Pattaya supposedly heard four shots. A Thai man drove off on a motorcycle. A convenience store’s CCTV camera caught the fleeing man on film. 

The guard checked the area to discover two Russian women. they ahd been shot in the head. Later their hotel claimed that the women enjoyed drinking Mekong Whiskey while watching the sun rise of the sea.


The local police came to the scene and a senior official declared the women ie ‘prostitutes’ were more than likely murdered due to a power struggle between rival mafia sex gangs.

THAI VISA FORUM had countless ‘savants’ expressing the same assumption.

Two Russian women/sex workers/gunshots/murder/Mafia.

My own Googlesque rush to judgment proves that most men are pigs.

The women were tourists. They had been on holiday. Their innocence was denied by preconceived notions set up by TV shows and slasher movies.

Mea culpa.

Even the Police head of Pattaya stressed that these women were simply tourists.

Their real sin was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, unlike those so willing to throw the first stone in a glass whorehouse.



The person on the video turned himself into the police, swearing he wasn’t the shooter, but had only been checking on a stolen bike.

A recent article in the Pattaya City News purports the murder had been committed elsewhere. Outside a nigthclub and then transported by boat to the beach and planted in chairs outsdie their hotel. He cites the lack of blood and their state of undress as worrisome along with sitting on a beach at 3am with a single glass for two people.


Police are trying to wrap up the case ASAP.

In other words find the shooter’s dead body.

The Nation reported this morning that a killer has come forward under his own volition fear of a police death squad.


The man, who has been out of bail after a Jan. 2007 robbery attempt, said he had shot the women during a failed robbery. Police suspect more to the case. The women ahd been with a local farang and his Thai wife may have ordered the hit in a fit of jealousy.

Hell hath no fury like a Thai woman scorned.

New Thai word – huung in which jealousy is based on the heart and not ith-sa dealing with envy of possessions.

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    Terrible tragedy the beach on Jontiem needs cameras like on Pattaya beach.

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