Hell Club aka Eden Club in Pattaya

I was driving by Lalita’s BJ Lounge on Soi LK Metro to see if the line-up of oral technicians had been beautified in the past month. Strictly for socio-anthropological reasearch, mind you.


Sadly the same old faces and tired bodies in schoolgirl outfits lazed before the doorway plucking eyebrows, searcing their locks for white hairs, and stuffing their gobs with sum tam.

Nothing scarier than getting head from an old woman who’s stuffed her mouth with a thousand chilis.

As I turned the corner toward Soi Buahkhao I spotted a sign.


My brains read the words and relayed a message to my hands.



I stepped off my bike to be greeted by an friendly Englishman. “My name’s Jim, this is the Eden Pattaya.”

The Eden is an infamous Bangkok bar on Soi 7 of Sukhumvit. The French owner Marc greets customers by saying, “You’re welcome to one drink, but this is not a drinking bar. This bar is for fucking. The girls to the left of the yellow pole are 3-holes and the girls to right are 2-holers.”

90 minutes - One girl – 2000 baht

90 minutes - Two girls – 3600 baht 

Anything goes and I mean anything because the Eden is not softcore.

“I thought this place closed.” The rumor was that the owner died of liver complications and his Bangkok partner, Marc, didn’t want to be involved in the day-to-day Pattaya operations.

“It did, but we’re now re-opening as the Eden Club.” He guided me inside. “We’re changing the sign next week. But you can see that the inside is the same as Bangkok.”

There was a yellow pole on the wall. “It’s a little newer.”

“And we have our own rooms upstairs.”


The girls were mostly from Bangkok and two were in my swing zone.


I was short the money that night and when I mentioned the next day that the Eden was open in Pattaya several friends immediately asked, “Where?”

“Soi LK Metro.”

Open from 3pm till 2am

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  1. Mark
    Posted February 5, 2007 at 1:26 am | Permalink

    The new Hell Club in Pattaya is sadly misnamed…if ever there was a spot of Heaven on Earth this is the place! A couple of quick corrections though….the rates are 3600B for two girls for two hours…..2000B for one girl….don’t pay until you’re done with a satisfaction guaranteed policy touted. It will likely take a while for them to establish a good stable of women (only 14 now) but all the elements are there for a truly unique and exceptional fantasy sex club that maintains the fine tradition of the Eden Club in Bkk. Most importantly, these girls are total pros!!! I’m getting horny just thinking about it…..looks like time for another trip to the old ATM!!!!

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