Casino Royale and my friend AJ

Contrary to all expectations, the new James Bond film CASINO ROYALE has outpaced its predecessors at the box office.


No more smug and suave Bond. This 007 is a killer and his only humorous quip comes while getting a sadistic beating. He plays poker instead of baccarat or roulette and incredibly falls in love only to be betrayed by the woman, yet he still loves her, because this treason is a tactic Bond might have used to stay in the game.

All’s fair in love and war.

I watched the movie in segments from my sofa. Past midnight in snippets of various levels of awareness.

I’m not even sure of the storyline.

My wife who was a Pierre Brosnan fan thinks the new guy is handsome. My friend AJ told his friends he was visiting Thailand to scuba diving, which was a cover for his covertly re-acquainting his libido with twenty year-old go-go girls. A refreshing change from divorced neo-grandmoms in the UK.


After seeing CASINO ROYALE, why wife said, “AJ looks like new James Bond.”

And I had to agree as long as a director shoot him as Orson Welles did himself. From the 5th rib up. 

But would AJ get the girl?

I don’t think so. Then again neither would I, but then again neither would the actor, because as a friend of mine said, “The actress will go home with the producer at any hour. The director once the shot has been done. The actor only if the producer and director aren’t interested and never the writer.”


007 is a creature of habit set in fiction.

He always gets his in the end.

AJ is praying that the women back in the UK recognize a little of the new Bond in him. he even had a few suits made at my tailor to help his cause. After all, all is fair and love and war.

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