Thailand goes for the bronze in lao.

In the Bangkok Post Dec. 21 2006 edition Singha Corporation sponsored a full page ad extolling the achievement of Thai spirit drinkers being 5th in the world, while bemoaning that beer drinking per capita resides at 85th in beer comparison.


Germany understandably leads the pack 7 liters per person with Denmark and Luxembourg battling for the silver in the low 6 liters per annum.

7 liters is a little over 14 pints.

I can drink 5 pints of Guinness at a sitting. Six if I’m offered another upon leaving the bar at Maggie May’s, which pours the best Guinness in Pattaya at 150 baht/pint.

7 liters of beer per capita in the UK.

My friends here drink that much in an afternoon after golf.

Obviously some Brits, like Tony Blair, aren’t serious about retaining the championship of beer.

Then again if Thailand is 5th in alcohol consumption, who are the top 4?

My guess would be Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Laos, and Poland.

None of the western countries came close to Thailand.

Ireland was 3 liter per annum per capita.

Why did God create whiskey?

To prevent the Irish from ruling the world.

So why do the Thai men drink so much?

Thai women. Thai society. Thai life.

Or they like a good buzz?

Mostly whiskey is cheaper than beer which has a 300% taxation as opposed to 200% on whiskey, while wine has a 400-500% hike in price according to country.

In 1989 Gorbachov, the premier of the USSR empire, decided to curtail liquor sales, since the entire country was drunk most of the time. Soldiers drank the fluid from rocket boosters. Nurses stole alcohol from hospitals. Government income largely relied on alcohol taxes shrank to 10% of the previous year. No money. No Evil Empire and the Berlin wall fell overnight.

The Thai government has recently tried to curtail liquor ads.

Can democracy be far behind?

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