Osama Bin Laden arrested in Maine

Five years after 9/11 a man in Islamic attire appeared on the Maine Turnpike osama_bert.jpgnear South Portland. Numerous motorists called 911, because the man was carrying dynamite and bore a likeness to the infamous Osama Bin Laden. State Police swarmed to the scene. The bearded man was now brandishing a gun. The cops disarmed and arrested the wanted terrorist some fifty miles north of Kennebunk, the summer home of the Bush presidents.

Homeland Security officials sped to the jail with a portable waterboarding device and a CIA plane was dispatched for transporting the fugitive to a secret torture prison somewhere in a 3rd World country or Alabama. Unfortunately upon questioning the suspect tore off his Halloween mask to reveal he was simply a lawyer from Maine protesting higher local tax. The gun and dynamite also turned out to fake.

In 2000 the same lawyer, Thomas Connolly, released information about GW Bush’s arrest for drinken driving. The GOp debunk this fact by claining it was done for politics. No one in the White House commented on today’s incident, although GW Bush said at a speak before a picked audience that one day Osama Bin Laden will be caught.

Las Vegas has the odds of that happening during his last term as president as 250-1.

The lawyer was charged with criminal threatening with a non-deadly toy and released on bail. “I never expected to be arrested.”

After long negotiations, the CIA plane departed from Portland International with an empty holding cell. Meanwhile OBL sits in plam beach at the Bush winter home, waiting for his chance to appear on SESAME STREET, which is his favorite TV show.

Big Bird is waiting.

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