Tata Young offered 25 million to star with Nicholas Cage

The tantalizing Thai beauty, Tata Young, has been invited to star alongside Nicholas Cage for a Hollywood movie. She has passed the competitive casting gauntlet  for a film featuring a naked love scene with the movie star.

Her price for this unclothed appearance.

25,000,000 baht.

To pretend to make love.

The request for her presence came after Nicholas Cage saw her videos.

Sexy dancing in a skimpy outfit.

Mr. Cage is no prude, but for the same price he could barfine longtime aproximately 12,000 go-go girls for a cast of thousands. Most films take more than one night, so for ten days he could employ 1200 go-go girls for a naked parade en masse. Orgy delirium, but only if the nudity moves the plot forward and they are wearing Christmas outfits.


The magic of movies.

Tata said she would appear in a bathing suit during the Asian fillming and the nude scenes would be shot in America. Nothing less. She has an image to protect for her fans.

Her single holdback would be if the filming clashes with her upcoming concert tour.

What about apearing naked with Nicholas Cage?


He’s getting kind of old and scary.

Not to mention he looks like a Mdme. Tussard wax figure after all that plastic surgery.

But bargirls sleep with worse every night and 25,000,000 is the right price to fake Barbie and Ken love for the camera. Personally I’ll close my eyes during that scene. Especially if she has to sing the following.

I like all of my shorts to be a little too shorty
Unlike all of my guys I like them tall with money
I love all of my nights to end a little bit nasty
Can’t change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me

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