US Nixes $24 million to Thailand – farang ki-nio

condi_secret.jpgThe US government showed their disapproval of this month coup in Thailand by cancelling $24 million in foreign aid. This measure was taken as US law forbids assistance to any country whose elected leader has been deposed by a coup. Another $9 million stays in place to operate several secret prisons scattered throughout the country.

Thais declared the USA ki-nio or cheap, but expected nothng less.

Condeleeza Rice condemned the takeover by the military as ”a U-turn” for democracy in the region, although Krit Garnjana-Goonchorn, the Foreign Ministry’s permanent secretary, said Washington’s decision to suspend $24 million (nearly 900 million baht) in military aid was ”the mandatory minimum action” they could take.

Of course others call a shovel a shovel and one word in Thai comes to mind

Maa-yaa-wee or hypocrite.

I know people don’t want to hear it but Saddam Hussein was the duely elected leader of Iraq. Was he deposed by a coup? Sort of. And did the USA give Iraq aid money? Well, they said they would, but it’s been tough doing anything right in Bagdhad. 

So Thailand will have to live without the munificence of America which was earmarked for Bible Studies and anti-condom use campaigns for abstinence.

Plus does the 2000 election count as a coup?bushfinger.jpg

Not to the old Wooden Indian Al Gore.

But then he’s no GW Bush.

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