Osama Bin Ladin RIP?

Five years after 9/11 no one can say if OBL is alive or dead, however this bin8.jpgweekend a provincial French newspaper L’Est Republicain published a report from leaked French defense ministry documents that the al Quada leader might have died of typhoid in Pakistan. I’ve drank water on the Karokarom Highway and can attest to the lethality of water in that outlaw region.

Ten days of the runs, which must be even more difficult for a man on the run.

USA intelligence agencies have yet to comment on this rumor since no one is 2006_05_11t121304_332x450_us_security_usa_phonecalls_bush.jpgallowed to read French in the CIA, NSA, or FBI. On Friday U.S. President George Bush and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said at a White House news conference that neither of them had any idea of OBL’s whereabouts. GW Bush smirked at the question as if to say, “He isn’t at my ranch in Crawford.”

We spotted him at the Buffalo Bar last year. The CIA never followed up osmana.jpgbecause none of them could get off enough time from wire-tapping duty to come to Thailand.

Saudi Arabia sources are equally baffled by the death news, because no French news agent would sell an Arab a copy of the L’Est Republicain.

The French President Chirac announced he would investigate how the reporter got his information and punish anyone involved in this leak of OBL’s death.

The Search continues.osama_outtatime.jpg

Wanted Dead or Alive.

Everyone’s been waiting to see this cover of Times magazine.

UPDATE 9/25/06

The Saudi government has denied a French newspaper report saying France’s secret services believe Osama Bin Laden is dead.

The US intelligence services are still trying to find someone who can read french who isn’t gay.

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