Goodness Gracious Pedos

A good friend emailed me the other day.BendersonWeb.jpg

He’s a famous author. His books are translated into French.

Most of them are about his sexual dalliances with rent boys.

I keep telling him to come to Pattaya.

It seems like he’d fit right in. Especially in Boystown.

He wrote.

You’re in the hotbed of the front-page news right now, the Jon Benet Ramsey killer, and he was about to teach school in Thailand.

My book did well, but not well enough to make me rich, and I, too, was in severe credit card debt. I have a loan now, and will have to pay 1,000 dollars a month for the rest of my life, unless I make a killing. I’m trying to slow down my glamorous life and become normal again.

best wishes


Not paying your credit card debt is all the more reason to abscond to Thailand, refuge or the wicked, but computers are shrinking terra incognita. The suspect of Jon Benet Ramsey was traced her through the internet. Always use anonymizer._41443263_karr203afp.jpg

Fox News declared John Mark Karr the killer within seconds of his name being released to the press. The ensuing melee to judgment had CNN, MSNBC et al broadcasting similar soundbytes as well as pronouncing Thailand as a known pedophilia destination.

Pedos frequent the Orient.

K11 was a notorious brothel outside of Cambodia.

Gary Glitter has been imprisoned from child abuse crimes._1965968_glitter.150.jpg

A placard at the end of my street warns US citizens that the FBI will prosecute and extradite any adult having sex with someone under the age of 18. 

Several years ago a local shopping mall was an obvious hang-out for predators. The owners remodeled their haunt out of existence, yet the problem didn’t go away.

A neighbor recently offered me a job picking up DVDs from a UK copy pirate. It sounded a little too dodgy and I passed. He gave the job to a teacher at the local English school. While she was taking orders, an email asked for kiddie porn. She recognized the name as that of her asst. headmaster.

When she revealed this news to the school authorities, the principal said he would handle it. Nothing happened and she informed the other teachers of the situation. They threatened a strike. Still nothing happened and they told the parents. Children were withdrawn from the school, however the person punished was the whistleblower. She was fired and told to leave the country for having rained disgrace to the school.

A week later the asst. headmaster visited a local firing range and shot himself close range. DOTS. Dead on the spot.

This week the principal was frogmarched onto a jet for having succumbed to his wicked ways in Phuket.

But back to John Mark Karr.

He married a 13 year-old when he was 16.

He drove a red deLorean to the wedding.

At 19 he wed a 16 year-old.

Their babies died during childbirth at home.

He was convicted on possession of child porno, a felony.

“Her death was an accident.” he mumbled as a phalanx of police forced their way through the crush of media at the Bangkok police station like lee Harvey Oswald at the Dallas police station.

When asked if he was innocent, he said, “No.”

Now no one is so sure.

Pundits, who had been calling for his execution, are now backpaddling on their earlier accusations, for it appears that the suspect never could have been in Colorado at the time of the killing.


He was in Thailand seeking a sex change.

That was his new story.

No doctor can remember seeing him.

The man is a pathological liar and more than a little weird.

Anyone wearing their pants that high under the age of 70 has to be weird.

Aren’t we all?

However Thailand has taken a beating from the news agencies.

Bangkok is the Pedo capitol.

America likes to point fingers so it doesn’t have to look at itself in the mirror.

You want to stop sexual child abuse in America.

Stop holding beauty pageants for under-age girls and how about closing the catholic Church for 10 years?

Right now I have instigated a class action suit against the diocese of Boston. I went to parochial school and was an altar boy.

I was never abused.

Why not?

What was wrong with me?

Wasn’t I cute?

Oh, the scarring. 

Should be worth about $500,000.

Almost enough to consider going back to Church.



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