Monthly Archives: June 2006

Pattaya property boom bust?

Ten years ago Pattaya was a forgotten resort. Its name was synonymous with fat German tourists frequenting go-go bars. Somehow in the last three years they city has shucked that image and property developers invested big money into housing estates aimed at the foreign retiree market. Only they forgot one thing. Foreigners can’t own land […]

World Cup Madness in Pattaya

Something about the World Cup heightens the degree of macho blood in men’s blood. Fights are common between friends and profligate amongst rival fans. Last night two Brits pummeled a fellow Teabag over whether the UK would knock Australia out of the competition. The Aussies’ win over Japan has increased the possibility of this match, […]

Holy World Cup behavior in Cambodia

The supreme Buddhist monk in Cambodia has advised that monks watching the World Cup should refrain from the applauding or cheering too loudly. “Monks must set an example of calm for the people.” Perhaps they can foster serenity for the frenzied sports enthusiasts by using more decorous gesture. Chanting ‘OM’ if you’re nervous. Meditating on […]

World Cup Fever in Thailand – No crime

Yesterday the World Cup kicked off and not a single crime was committed in the nation of smiles. Police sat at checkpoints throughout Pattaya without being able to collect a single baht from motorists violating the traffic laws. Investigators predict that over 1.5 million students will gamble lunch money on the games. Noodle shop owners […]

NYC New York – JUNE 2006

It’s been two years since I’ve been back in New York and everyone asks if I see anything different. First it’s colder than I remember, second I have to wear shoes and soxes too, third beers cost about 240 baht at a bar, and lastly young girls don’t smile at me. In fact they scowl […]