Gambling in the Casino – Pattaya

There is no gambling in Pattaya. Not legally. 

Of course the police are constantly arresting card players and seizing 200 baht in wagers.

Small-money stakes, although the Ambassador Hotel has been slated for gambling in the near-future, which would make Pattaya the Vegas of Thailand.

For the moment the only casino in town is the Casino Bar on Soi Diamond. 


While there is no gambling, your money can go fast entertaining their hostesses or the beautiful girls dancing on a stage or the catwalk over your head.

Maybe playing blackjack would be less expensive, since Casino doesn’t get going until after midnight, when your economic reasoning has already been impaired by various cocktails at other bars and go-gos.

“Another round of kamikazes.” Easy to say and the staff arrive within seconds with a tray of shot-glasses. A flock of beauties fawn over you as long as you keep the drinks coming. But it’s isn’t predatory. They’re just doing their job.

Wish I had the same one, but only once a month.

“Drink too much last night.” One hostess complained as she eyed her shot of Sambuca.

It went down with a grimace and then she smiled like she was thinking, “That’s wasn’t so bad.’

Three drinks later she’s up on stage dancing to the latest pop hit.

The owners are good fun as well.

Dee and Dirk.S4020545.JPG

After my third tequila I headed home for the night. My motorscooter must have been on auto-pilot, because I have no idea how I got home. At least no coppers stopped me for driving under the influence, which seems permissible after midnight. Then again I’m only gambling with my life.