World Cup football banned in Thai prisons

In order to curtail betting on the World Cup Thai prison authorities have banned live TV games.

“This prison is not a casino.” One warden said at a press conference. “Betting is banned 127072470_292fca12b5_m.jpgcompletely. We’ve separated the 800 or so most football-mad inmates from their fellow prisoners. We don’t want this mania spreading throughout the general population.”

Of course the superintendent doesn’t recall the 1998 riots resulted from a similar edict or that during the last World Cup, thirty inmates escaped from a prison when the guards were too absorbed by the TV rather than the close-camera security monitors.

One penal reformer suggests a soccer match between the guards and inmates. The guards agreed to the game, but only if they can ride elephants. Seems they don’t want to break a sweat.

Betting on this game will benefit the elephant relief fund.



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