Almost Magic in Thailand


Most recently magician David Blaine tried a Houdini trick in NYC’s Lincoln Center. He was encapsulated in a water bubble one week. This was training for escaping from chains after holding his breath for 9 minutes. He punked out in the end, saying his fingers were too waterlogged to work the illusion.


A Thai waiter saw the stunt and attempted his own version by enveloping his head with a condom and serving diners in a Pattaya restaurant for 10 minutes without breathing.


Service was not impaired by the stunt, although a French client complained that the waiter couldn’t hear the orders with the condom on his head.

The diner, a Frog, didn’t tip the waiter.

The waiter’s confusion might have had more to do with the garlic-eater’s accent than the condom.

The Thai waiter lasted two minutes without breathing and was wildly applauded by the staff.

The farangs ordered more beer.

Afterwards the waiter, Poon Dang, said, “Maybe I try next week. Three minutes.”

We wish him Chok Di or Good luck.